How do I add/change my Care Coordinator (Caregiver)?

A care coordinator is someone you designate to help you manage your site. This person can post updates, add calendar events and manage your guest list. They have the same access to your site as you do which can be helpful when you have surgery or are just not feeling well enough to type an update.

To add/change your Care Coordinator (caregiver), click on Guests in the drop down menu under your name in the upper right corner of your website. In the Current Guests tab, locate the person you want to have as your care coordinator. In the column titled "Is a care coordinator?", click the radial button next to "Yes". At the bottom of the Current Guests list click the Update button.

Likewise, if you do not want someone as a Care Coordinator then click the "No" radial button next to their name. Go to the bottom of the Current Guests list and click the Update button.

NOTE: The default setting for the column titled "Is a care coordinator?" is No.


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