How do I sign up (volunteer) for a Calendar Event?

Events are placed on the Helping Calendar by the site owner or care coordinator. When volunteers are needed you will see a red asterisk below the date. When all the volunteers needed have signed up for an event then a green checkmark appears. 

If no volunteers have been requested then you will not see a red asterisk.

How to Volunteer

To sign up/volunteer for an event on the calendar, you must be logged in to the site. Click on the Calendar tab and you will see the calendar for the current month with all the events that the site owner/care coordinator has set up.

Pick the event you want to volunteer for by clicking on the name of the event. A box will pop up for your phone number and comments . Once you have filled our the information, click "Sign up" and an email will be sent to you, the site owner and the care coordinator. You will also receive an email reminder 48 hours before the event.

How to Remove Your Name as a Volunteer From an Event

If you are unable to help out with an event you signed up for, you can let the site owner and care coordinator know by going to that event, clicking on the event name to open the detail box and then click Cancel Volunteer. An email will be sent to the site owner and care coordinator letting them know you are not available.

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