How do I set up my Giving Angels Page? (Support My Events)

The Support My Events Page is intended to give you space to talk about any galas, runs, benefit concerts or other events being held either in your honor or in support of the cancer cause. Follow the instructions below for help with setting it up.

Creating an Event

1. To add introductory text to the page, go to Giving Angels, then the Support My Events tab.

*Note, your guests will not see this tab if there is no content.

2. Click on the Edit Button

3. Enter any introductory or explanatory text. You can also use the link icon to add a link directly into the text for more information on your event.

4. Click submit to save and view your event information


Creating an Event that Needs Volunteers

Events entered in the Helping Calendar marked as "Fundraising Events" will automatically be displayed in the Support My Events area of your page.

1. To enter an event that requires volunteers, go to Helping Calenadar.

2. Click on the Create Event tab.

3. Select "Fundraising Event" as the event type

4. Fill in the rest of the event information and click submit.

5. This event will automatically be displayed under your Support My Events section.

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