How do I send an email invitation to my guests?

Log in to your website. Go to Guests located in the drop-down menu under your name on the upper right side. Next you will see the Guest Page with three tabs: Current Guests, Guest Invites/Requests and Send Invitations.

To send an email inviting people to join your site, click on Send Invitations. Type in the email address in the small text box. If you have more than one person to invite you can enter all the email addresses and put a comma between them. In the large text box you can enter a personalized message explaining what the site is for so they have a better understanding of why you are inviting them. When finished, click the SEND button.

The invitation you just sent out will appear on the tab labeled Guest Invites/Requests.

You can check this tab periodically and re-send any invitations that are still on this page. This mean that they have not responded to your original invitation.

To re-send individual invitations, go to their email address and check the YES box in the third column labeled "Send Invitations?"

To re-send all invitations, go to the third column labeled "Send Invitations?" and click on the blue link (un/select all) then all the YES boxes will be checked. When finished, click the RESEND button. The date in the second column will change to today's date.



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