Can I add/edit My Quotes?

Members/Care Coordinators: Yes, you .have several ways of selecting what appears on the My Quotes page. To get to this section click on Quote Settings in the drop-down menu under your name on the upper right of the website.

Include All Quotes from Library: You have ON or OFF options. If you don't want all the quotes available under My Quotes then click on the button and it will turn red for OFF and green for ON.

Add Quote from Library: You can select your favorite quotes by clicking on the check box next to "Add this Quote". When you are finished making your selection, click the Update button at the top or bottom of the list of quotes. Now it will appear on the My Quotes page.

 Create New Quote: In this tab you can type in the quote you want to appear on your website. Make sure to put quotation marks ("abc def") around the quote. Next type in the name of the person who said it then click the "Add Quote" button. It will now appear on the My Quotes page.

Quotes will appear in the Inspirational Quotes section on the right side of the website and will rotate periodically.

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