How do I input my own Learning Link?

Members/Care Coordinators:

Go to the Learning Links tab and click on Create New Learning Link. 

  • Category: Choose the category from the pull down list. If none of them apply then choose "Other" at the top of the drop-down list.
  • URL: Add the URL: Provide the hyperlink to the website, be sure to include http:// Example:
  • My Description: Title for the link that will be displayed on the Learning Links page. Example: American Cancer Society
  • Add more details here...: This will show up under the link. It provide a description of the resource. You can leave this blank if you wish. Example: A website to find comprehensive resources about cancer and cancer support services.

When you have finished, click the Submit button. Now this link will appear in the My Learning Links tab.

Guests: You cannot add Learning Links to Member's websites. However, you can click on the links in My Learning Links to find out more information about that subject.

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