Member Profile

In the member profile you can access many site settings in the following tabs: 

My Info This tab contains a Contact Information section where you enter your name, email, home address, and birthday. The next section is Preferences. This is where you can choose to receive emails from and to receive email notifications when a member posts an update. To NOT receive these emails click on the radial button so the circle is not marked. Click the "Save Changes" button to keep all the changes you have made.

The final section is Change Password. Here is where you can create a new password by entering it twice and clicking "Update Password" to save your new password.

Cancer Info This tab contains a Add New Cancer / Date section where you can enter your cancer type, treatment status, diagnosis date, recurrence date and remission date. After entering your information click "Submit". In the next section labeled "Saved Cancer Information for ...", the information you entered above will be displayed here.

Site Options This tab contains a Site Options for ... section where you can choose to have your site displayed in the Find a Friend section. If the box is checked then you site is searchable. If the box is blank then you site is not searchable. NOTE: When you choose not to have your site searchable you will need to notify friends and family by email of your site link.

The next section is Banner Message which allows you to display a message at the top of your website just below your name on the left side. When you click the radial button a small text box opens for you to type your message in. There is a limit of 100 characters.

When you have completed your changes, click "Save Changes". 

Privacy This tab contains the privacy options available for you to choose from. They are Open, Limited, Restricted and Locked. There are descriptions of each level to give you a better understanding of the requirements for the security levels


Design The Site Design Gallery has four sections of pictures to choose from. They are Cause, Nature, Specialty and Classic. Check out each one to see which fits your website design best! You can update your design at any time.



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