What are the next steps to complete my site?

Now that you have completed the setup process of your new site, let's add your story by completing the following sections:

1. Inviting Guests is a good way to let your friends and family know that you have a place where they can go to see the latest news about you and find out how they can help and support you.

To invite guests you will need their email addresses. Click on the Invite Guests button and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on Invite guest to "(your name)" link.

Next, click on the Send Invitations tab and enter their email address. You may add a personal message in the text box, this is optional. You can add more than one email address as long as there is a comma between each address. Click Send and each person will receive an individual email invitation.

When finished entering all the information, click the Send button and each person will receive an individual email invitation.

2. About is the page you can use to tell your story of how you got here, why you opened the site or as a welcome to family and friends.

You can also add a photo by clicking on the icon (second from the left). Make this page as personal as you want.

3. Updates have two tabs: My Updates and Guest Messages.

My Updates is the section where you can post about your last doctor's appointment, how you're feeling emotionally or anything you want to share. You can add photos, video links as well as other formatting options.

To post your first update go to the Updates tab. Click in the Post Title box  and give your update a title the click in Post Text box and begin typing. When finished, click the Submit button. For more detailed instructions click here.

YOU DID IT! There is much more information on managing your site in our online Knowledge Base. Check it out. 

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    There is no guest drop down, no about me either

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