Creating a site for someone else

Once you have registered an account with MyLifeLine, you can now create a site for someone else.

Thank you for creating a site for your loved one. You are the "Care Coordinator" and will have access to manage this site. Your loved one is called the "Site Owner."

Please log in at: with your email address and password. When you've successfully logged in, you will see your name in the upper right corner of the page. 

Please click on the pink "Create a support site for someone else" button, followed by 4 easy steps:

STEP 1: Complete the Owner Information

  • This section should be completed with the "Site Owner's" information - not yours.
  • Please fill out your loved one's First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Gender, and Zip Code.

STEP 2: Complete the Site Information

  • Site Name - a unique name used in the custom URL link to your loved one's site. Ex: if your site name is "BeckysCancerJourney," your URL will be:
  • Timezone - used to display Helping Calendar events in the correct time zone
  • Cancer Type - choose your loved one's cancer type from the dropdown (or "Other") to personalize the MyLifeLine experience with resources specific to their cancer diagnosis

STEP 3: Complete your Privacy Settings

  • Who will be able to view this site
    • Everyone - anyone with your site URL can view the site, but must still log in to make comments and volunteer (most popular)
    • Only Guests - friends you invite must first be approved by you before visiting your site
    • Only Me - no one except you can view the site
  • Who will be able to search for this site
    • Everywhere - your site will show up in Google searches and the MyLifeLine search
    • "Find a Friend" only - your site will show up in the MyLifeLine search

STEP 4: Complete Your Information

  • Finally, it's time to add YOUR information.
  • Please enter your zip code, email preferences, and gender:

That's it ... click on the red button "Proceed to Dashboard." From your Dashboard, you'll be able to view your site, edit your site design, and start inviting guests!


Any questions? We're happy to help!

Contact Customer Care at

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